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Aside Theatre

"Aside" : A theatrical device used to allow a character in a play the chance to speak directly with the audience, breaking down the "fourth wall" and delivering their truth.  

Aside Theatre Founder and Producing Artistic Director Nathaniel Burns provides Theatre and film professionals (playwrights, screenwriters, actors, directors, producers, and more) with an opportunity to perform their otherwise "off topic" or passion projects aside from their own company's mission or season. A moxie, motley crew of varied perspectives and talents, Aside Theatre’s intention is to surprise and delight you with new paradigms and challenging works for both stage and screen.

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Aside Theatre produces and co-produces regular events like Valley Variety (every Third Tuesday), full length plays each month, with industry nights, double headers, and acting classes as well as free community enriching events like the monthly Film and Theatre Artist's Breakfast Club of Phoenix Every Last Saturday 9 am to noon at Urban Beans Bar and 24 Hour Cafe.

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Nathaniel J. Burns

Founder and Producing Artistic Director for Aside Theatre,  a Phoenix, Arizona-based Minimalist Film and Theatre Production Company whose mission Nathaniel says is to strengthen and improve the local, Phoenix, Arizona arts community by providing new, surprising and exciting works of art that are unlikely to be produced elsewhere. The truth isn't always pretty... 

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