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Nathaniel J. Burns is a producer whose credits include music, film and theatre.

Nathaniel J. Burns is a producer whose credits include film and theatre.  He is the founder and Producing Artistic Director of Aside Theatre Company.  

In the Roosevelt Row Are District, the original home of Aside Theatre, Burns produced  Doors and Windows, 7th Ave and Grand.  At Aside Theatre's current midtown location, Burns has produced House and Here Lies Henry and staged readings of The Pillowman and Sans Merci.  He is the original producer of The Book of Jesus, Repent!, Plenty of Food at the Funeral, Danny Donkey, Summer of Grace, and the devised work But in Ourselves. 

He has been looking forward to co-producing Matt and Ben with Ilana Lydia and RC Contreras as well as more shows with B3 Theatre, having invited them to be a theatre in residence with Aside beginning in 2019.  Burns is originally from San Diego, California and earned an entrepreneurship scholarship from the New Endeavor Foundation which he used to continue his study of drama, music and business.    

Nathaniel offers one-on-one acting coaching and routinely collaborates with artists of many disciplines in the Phoenix area. 

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Actor Demo

The Patient

An impromptu short from the mind of my friend, Vincent Alphonso Jamal. He's worth following for positive and creative vibes.

Summer of Grace

Summer of Grace is a Short I produced with Jesse Rojas, getting our feet wet and making a movie.

Keep an eye out for this dude!

Film and Television


Current projects in production

Play Of Endings

Play of Endings poster. Aside Theatre Company 2019

 (Play   takes us through ME's life experiences, one 'end' at a time, one after another, will there be any room in ME's life for a beginn((((ing?

Hogsquatch by Stephen Floyd

I'm Producing Hogsquatch by Stephen Floyd July 2019 at Aside Theatre.

I'm  by Stephen Floyd explores a small towns obsession with gossip and responsibility. Are they terrorized by a large feral hog, a Sasquatch, or their own Producing minds?

Does killing really solve anything?